Service catalogue and request catalogue

It is hard to believe that confusion between service catalogue and request catalogue is still a thing but it is, as shown by a recent conversation on Facebook Back2ITSM.

Cloud solves everything in bi-modal ... not. Cloud is one small piece of DevOps

This article "Meeting the challenges of bimodal IT" contradicts itself:

separation of old legacy systems, people and processes from new, mostly cloud-native systems, people and processes.

DevOps is only looking at one of four IT4IT value streams

The new IT4IT™ standard maps four value streams in IT. DevOps is concerned with one of them. What happens when we apply the the same ideas to the other three?
[If I wrote that headline again, I would insert the word "mostly"]

OGC re-forms to create DevOps body of knowledge

The Efficiency and Reform Group of the UK Cabinet Office are about to announce that the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) will be resurrected immediately in order to develop a British standard DevOps.

IT Operating Model

When there is talk about an "operating model" do you nod wisely and wonder WTF they are actually talking about? I did for years. In my consulting work I got my head around what it actually is. Here are some ideas.

What to think of the ISACA acquisition of CMMI?

I'm not sure what to think of ISACA's acquisition of the CMMI Institute. I don't see it addressing their major issue of failure to expand constituency. What are your views?

How DevOps messes with your head

For an old man like me, some of the concepts sweeping our industry as part of the current IT Renaissance are quite challenging. They challenge our fundamental axioms or assumptions which underpin our whole approach to IT.

The 3Rs: Roles Responsibilities Relationships

These days my consulting has an almost singular focus, the 3Rs: Roles Responsibilities Relationships.

Here is a presentation I gave at the recent Pink Elephant IT Service Management Conference (a.k.a. "PINK16")

System People Practices Partners Things

The old mantra "People Process Technology" is a good one for taking a balanced view of all considerations in any initiative. Let's improve it a little.

I wrote before about how I prefer the wording "People, Practices, Things" or even "Community, Activity, Environment".

Greetings from Tuatapere

Merry Christmas (or your prefered mythology) and happy New Year (or your prefered calendar ) from the IT Skeptic to all of my readers. Both of you may have noticed I haven't posted for a while. Sorry about that. I've been taking a break. Right now I'm about as far away as you can get

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