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Recently recovering from his frankly disastrous world tour, Rambling Kid Realism has been returning to his folk music roots. Here are the lyrics to his latest number "ITIL Ain't Dead". He started writing it in February this year, before being thrown in an Estonian jail for non-payment of debts to concert promoters.

Two kanban boards

Here is an idea that makes Kanban boards more satisfying, more flexible, and easier to assign value: Two Kanban boards per team: one for stories and one for tasks.Image


Lots of people have been asking me about VeriSM™ since I was listed as a lead author. Here is the skinny on that.

DevOps messes with your head - reprised

Last year I wrote about how DevOps messes with your head, or as we say down here, it does yer head in.

In the interim I have been adding more examples to the presentation which I shared.

A project is a wave in a product structure

If you build your organisation out of projects you are building out of blocks that evaporate. A project is a transitory phenomenon, not a structural component. You probably know of one or more organisations whose BAU is whatever was left when the projects vanished. Building a business out of projects' droppings is a bad idea.

The IT Renaissance

A while ago I used the phrase "the IT Renaissance" to capture the sea change I felt in our industry. But the idea has languished buried in another post, so I felt it is time to bring it forward as a blog post of its own. We are going through an IT Renaissance, the like of which we have never seen before in our industry.

DevOps Configuration versus ITSM CMDB

Devops configuration tools means something quite different to ITIL configuration tools (cmdb).

This blog first gathered its following by saying that cmdb is an unhealthy aspiration for nearly all organisations.


One of my favourite words in IT transformation is "Theatre". We must get rid of it.

IT is riddled with theatre: a performance which creates the illusion of something happening but which everybody knows is not real, yet we all tacitly agree to go along with the illusion.

images of Lean

Here are some graphics of Lean which I created. Enjoy.

The fatal flaw of outsourcing

Outsourcing strategic value streams, process or resources is a bad idea. You lose flexibility and responsiveness. As soon as you move from a collegial all-in-this-together relationship to a contractual you-serve-me relationship, you promote a blame culture. That's the fatal flaw of the whole idea.

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