Uber, big brother, and company use of big data

There's social privacy (hiding from the state) and personal privacy (hiding from your neighbours). Where do corporations fit in?

Define DevOps: What is DevOps?

A reader asked me to define DevOps. It's not easy to find definitions. Here's mine.

ISACA's strategy and missed opportunity

is ISACA missing its window of opportunity to own the IT practices space? To be THE body of knowledge, the one ring to rule them all...

IT is not a snowflake

We behave as if IT's problems are unique. But I suspect it's not so. I reckon other sectors wrestle with similar problems.

Reflections on DevOps Enterprise conference

Recently I had the privilege to attend the DevOps Enterprise conference in San Francisco, hashtag #DOES14. Videos here.

That conference was put together by a number of people, but perhaps we owe it to this guy more than anyone: Gene Kim

Axelos are dropping ITIL complementary certifications

ImageThe creeping squeeze: Axelos will no longer recognise Complementary certifications for ITIL qualifications. I can't see anything positive for the ITIL community in this. In fact the only interpretation I can imagine is an attempt by Axelos to weaken competition.

The Wright Cycle

Before there was RealIT, there was realitsm ("realism"), a spoof on ITSM. Here, from the book Introduction to Real ITSM, is the Wright Cycle:

the state of prISM

How is the prISM Institute progressing? Know what it is? No, most people don't.

Software is free like a puppy is free

Sofware is free like a puppy is free: the ongoing costs of ownership outweigh the initial price.

Do you know the professional recognition of individuals in Service Management Institute, a.k.a. prISM?

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