SLAs are not as widely applicable as ITIL would have us believe. The Catalog is.

SLAs work in large siloed formal organisations such as ...oh um... big British mainframe sites of the 1980s.

You don't need a weatherman... watch everyone scramble aboard ISO20000

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" [Bob Dylan]. Watch all the key ITIL players rapidly embracing ISO20000. When ITIL is just one more IT-geek thing we reminisce about to prove how long we've been around, you read the prediction of its demise here first.

What ARE Microsoft up to? Patents on RSS, CMDB, IT operations... Can they get away with this?

The IT Skeptic recently reported on Microsoft's attempts to patent CMDB and other obvious concepts. Now ZDNet reports they are trying to patent RSS too. This smacks of the lunacy that only lawyers can generate, but what if they actually got away with it? I can believe that as an organisation they are megalomaniac enough to think they can.

collecting examples of terminological debasement

Maybe I'll start collecting examples of terminological debasement, such as

To all you ITIL zealots, and confounding vendors, and obfuscating analysts: Merry Christmas from the IT Skeptic

To all the people who give us ITIL, who build a professional body around ITSM, who make us tools to get the job done, who reflect and predict on the industry: to all those who get the sharp edge of the IT Skeptic's criticism, sarcasm and of course skepticism, I just want to say: Thankyou and Merry Christmas.

Is Microsoft attempting to patent CMDB?

A recent patent application appears to indicate that Microsoft is applying to patent CMDB. This issue is not attracting the outrage that it ought to. Next time you see your Microsoft rep, ask him/her WTF they are up to. And if you get anything like a rational answer, post it here so we can all understand.

The project 80/20 rule

This is not original (and I forget the source sorry) but it is too good not to share:

To complete 80% of the project takes 80% of the time. To do the other 20% takes the other 80% of the time.

Busines cases are so simple: give the decisionmaker what they want

When you are building a business case for ITIL (or anything), it doesn't matter if it is intangible Value or $$$Return that the proposal is offering if that is not what the business wants at this time.

Technology does not fix process

People are drawn to IT by a fascination with complex technology. This is most unfortunate because this fascination blinds so many of us to the importance of the People/Process/Product trilogy.

VOIP is not cheating anyone. It is simply the future arriving.

VOIP is a disruptive technology. As always, those being disrupted complain loudly. But there is nothing dishonest about using VOIP. You buy the bandwidth - you use it as you see fit. The telcos better adapt to VOIP or die. But those using VOIP are just doing what captialists are supposed to do; exercising their prerogative in an open market.

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