Every word in the thesaurus: how to distinguish between PinkVerify and ITIL compliance

[Update June 2009: This article has a poignant irony to it, now that OGC have unilaterally decreed that ITIL is, after all, a standard that one can certify compliance against]

Normal transmission will be resumed as soon as possible

Sorry about the lack of meaty content of late: I'm working hard on several projects (gotta eat) including the first week of go-live on a fairly substantial system: 1500 users, multiple new integrated applications, core business operations, life-critical. I'm putting in place all the service support processes for when the project team hands it over to normal operations, taking them to 24x7, improving SDLC...

The IT Skeptic recommends BullFighter

Look I know it has zero to do with ITIL or even IT but this is brilliant nonetheless... The IT Skeptic recommends BullFighter for anyone who writes anything in English.

When will the geeks get it?

For thirty, maybe forty years now, IT operations has existed as a distinct and important discipline. So try publicising a blog like this one and see what categories are provided by the geeks who set up digg or podcast.net or newsgator or ...

Wow! the IT Skeptic now available as podcasts!

In response to user demand, the IT Skeptic is podcasting a series of the articles from the blog, on ITIL.

Future series will cover CMDB and IT in general.

a lot of motherhood considerations presented as a model

Look at this. Pure gold skepticism - a man after me own heart

the key problem with ITIL is that it is a lot of motherhood considerations presented as a model.

Look, I’m all in favor of delivering IT as a service. However, ITIL doesn’t show us the way to get there. It just describes, often airily, why service orientation is good and how, non-specifically, we get to service nirvana. Mostly, it is common sense, but with no implementation plan.

what gives with Jakarta as a hotbed of ITIL interest? and itSMF in Japan?

This cool new tool from Google makes clear the rising tide of interest in ITIL.

But what gives with Jakarta as a hotbed of ITIL interest? [Updated: oh dear! apparently an itil is bahasa slang for a certain portion of female anatomy]

Meanwhile the Japanese are going noddy over the itSMF

10 other things you should know about ITIL

TechRepublic posted a fairly inane "10 Things you should know about ITIL", so here are the IT Skeptic's 10 other things you should know about ITIL:

Ask your vendor what they mean by ITIL compliant

Some time next year the IT Skeptic will do a full list of ITIL compliance criteria, but for now check out this article for some ITIL questions to make your prospective vendor squirm

SLAs undermine business alignment

With the exception of outsourcers, IT departments are not a distinct business inside the business, and they should not behave like one. We are all on the same team, so we should be working in a spirit of trust and collaboration. SLAs introduce an adversarial formal negotiated relationship which is inappropriate when two units of the same organisation interact.

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