Software branding seems to be in the hands of imbeciles.

What is it about these big software companies and their inability to come up with decent branding of their products (and companies)?

ITIL certification and training: Version 2 recognised but not as a prerequisite for Version 3

Slowly we unravel the real story behind the impact of ITIL Version 3 Refresh: it seems that your Version 2 Foundation training might be "recognised", but it will not be a recognised foundation for a Version 3 certification. You'll need to do a bridging course first.

The ITIL version 3 Refresh Launch Roadshow: the world waits with bated breath....

Something is afoot with the ITIL Refresh. Here we are two months out from worldwide launch in seven countries, and what have we heard about plans for the events? Strange hints as to who is paying for and organising the whole thing mean the IT Skeptic smells a rat.

Microsoft are more avaricious than the Fat ITSM Four, by a nose

A recent comment (reposted for your convenience) in response to my item about Microsoft trying to patent CMDB, said

Microsoft is worse than ITIL?
The Vendor and British ITIL cabal are busy redefining their closed, theoretical "framework" to include everything under the sun. And, they seem to be doing it for the express purpose of advancing the vendors sales performance.

Rediscovering the Big Iron

Virtualisation, CMDB, autodiscovery, swappable CPUs, intelligent media devices, systems and availability management, capacity modelling... The mainframe worked all this out decades ago. Here's a story I heard from fairly close to the source so it is probably fairly close to the truth. Whatever, it makes a good story

IBM wrote ITIL. In fact Alasdair Meldrum did

Just when I say that all the hype is in CMDB and that ITIL in general is ticking along fairly soberly, along comes someone to prove me wrong. Two people actually: someone hyping their own significance; and what passes for a journalist on the web these days uncritically lapping it up.

Vendors should get a vote too? What do you think?

The IT Skeptic is considering introducing something soon that allows public voting related to products. I know of vendors rorting such a system by requesting all staff to vote for that vendor's product.

Irrational exuberance in the IT industry: CMDB is going nuts

Everybody is piling into the CMDB frenzy now, including dodgy journos and madly re-inventing software companies... and this blog. ITIL may not be a fad but the IT Skeptic thinks CMDB now is one.

CIO Asia magazine criticises the IT Skeptic's comments

Looks like I'll never work in Asia again :-) I've taken some flak in CIO Asia magazine regarding views expressed on a Datamation forum.

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