A hot-potato ITIL Refresh session at upcoming bITa USA conference

Now here is a conference session the IT Skeptic would love to attend: "Can’t Speak Won’t Speak – ITILv3 "!

Book Review - "IT Service Management from Hell! Based on Not-ITIL®"

A Review of "IT Service Management from Hell! Based on Not-ITIL®" by Brian Johnson and Paul Wilkinson, editor Annelise Savill

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IT Service Management from Hell is a silly book. And along the way it makes some serious points. A balanced view of anything is far healthier than blind obedience. Give this book to your staff to lighten the mood and stimulate discussion around ITIL.

Today’s shock joint announcement from Microsoft and IBM throws ITIL Refresh into doubt

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In preparation for the release of Microsoft Service Manager (previously known as “Service Desk”), Microsoft made a surprise joint announcement today with IBM.

ITIL Version 3 London launch event announced: the IT Skeptic comments

Man, news gets old fast. I've just finished giving itSMF heat for lack of an announcement and then today we get this: itSMF Version 3 will be launched June 5 in London. The interesting aspects of the announcement are....

Six reasons to use Live Chat for support

The spell is broken, the honeymoon is over. After a year of my raving about Westhost's support, the transition to the IT Skeptic's new server was not as smooth as advertised. They're fallable after all.

The PIllars of ITIL: time for OGC's ITIL to grow up or wither

In the early days ITIL was a casual thing: a loose collection of books from a loose collection of experts. Now it is a billion (I guess) dollar industry affecting millions of people. Publishing a few books is not enough any more.

Software branding seems to be in the hands of imbeciles.

What is it about these big software companies and their inability to come up with decent branding of their products (and companies)?

ITIL certification and training: Version 2 recognised but not as a prerequisite for Version 3

Slowly we unravel the real story behind the impact of ITIL Version 3 Refresh: it seems that your Version 2 Foundation training might be "recognised", but it will not be a recognised foundation for a Version 3 certification. You'll need to do a bridging course first.

The ITIL version 3 Refresh Launch Roadshow: the world waits with bated breath....

Something is afoot with the ITIL Refresh. Here we are two months out from worldwide launch in seven countries, and what have we heard about plans for the events? Strange hints as to who is paying for and organising the whole thing mean the IT Skeptic smells a rat.

Microsoft are more avaricious than the Fat ITSM Four, by a nose

A recent comment (reposted for your convenience) in response to my item about Microsoft trying to patent CMDB, said

Microsoft is worse than ITIL?
The Vendor and British ITIL cabal are busy redefining their closed, theoretical "framework" to include everything under the sun. And, they seem to be doing it for the express purpose of advancing the vendors sales performance.

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