The king's method of writing a new decree: how OGC does ITIL V3

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This recent comment on this blog "the OGC could have done a better job of communicating during the process" comes from someone - if it is who I'm pretty sure it is - who is well placed in the ITIL "elite". That is my #1 point in all my ITIL V3 postings.

All this British public service "you'll know when we decide it is time to tell you" stuff is not how new versions of all standards/frameworks are developed, and I don't think it is best practice.

Watch out Microsoft, your spurious patents may be worthless

Microsoft has made a practice of attempting to patent the obvious, not least of which is CMDB, but a recent court ruling gives hope that those they do obtain can be invalidated.

Powerpoint as a protector of intellectual property

Once upon a time presenters at conferences submitted a written paper. The conference proceedings book was a valuable document. Then along came MS-Powerpoint.

Sharon Taylor's five common myths about ITIL Version 3

This article has been podcast

At the US Pink Elephant conference, Sharon Taylor, the Chief Architect and Chief Examiner of ITIL, listed five common myths about ITIL V3. I thought I'd make it clear that none of them came from this blog.

New products in the IT Skeptic's store

I got bored seeing that same t-shirt all the time so...

IBM draws that long ITIL bow again

IBM just can't get over the fact they dropped the ball on ITIL, can they? Here is yet another claim that stretches the truth to the point of distortion:

IBM is a founding member of the ITIL research committee and still actively involved in the support and creation of new library materials including ITIL, Version 3.

These big frameworks are in vogue because as opposed to thinking, folks just want the answer

Now THIS is a blog the IT Skeptic will be following with interest: Mike Rothman's Daily Incite

Quote of the day

Configuration Management ... the ditch in which 'the ITIL automobile' comes to a stop.
David Nyman, on his wildly-named David's Blog

itSMF announce all seven global ITIL Version 3 launch events only weeks away so book now!

The ITIL Version 3 Launch website has announced details of all seven launch events. The last one is only seven weeks away so book now. These have changed from the early plans the IT Skeptic described here. USA wins, Canada loses. Korea chosen over Japan.

Announcing the IT Skeptic's ITIL Pipe - an ITIL newsfeed

yahoo pipesUsing Yahoo's new beta tool Pipes, the IT Skeptic has built his own custom ITIL news feed. You can share this feed to bring you your daily ITIL news if you wish, simply by subscribing to the RSS feed.

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