IT Skeptic Version 3 Refresh

Yes everything you have heard all over the web these past few months is true! The IT Skeptic is having a Version 3 Refresh today.

Sorry for any inconvenience

My apologies to anyone getting "phantom" email notifications of updates to the site.

everything the IT Skeptic can find out about ITIL Version 3 on one page

The IT Skeptic is now collecting everything I can find out about ITIL Version 3 on one reference page. It will apppear on the RSS feed whenever it is updated, or else if you register you can subscribe to notifications at the bottom of the reference page ("subscribe post").

For example, here is what we know about Certification:

ITSM skepticism becomes a crowded field

Oh my! another entrant in the ITSM skeptic stakes: Ian Clayton at ITSMI is now blogging. Given the other blog I mentioned today, it is getting to be a busy field.

A skeptical newcomer to the ITSM blogosphere

Here's a new ITSM-related blog that certainly seems to be taking a critical look at things.

The scale of ITIL Version 3: are people ready for it?

People are starting to realise how different ITIL Version 3 ("The Refresh") is from ITIL Version 2, and how much more extensive the scope and ideas are. It is all good, but are the public prepared for it?

A visualisation of how ITIL Version 3 transforms ITIL version 2

If you are a visual person like me you may find a diagram helpful in understanding just what ITIL Version 3 means, what has changed. The diagram has been moved to here (it's still free!).

The CMDB Tidal Wave? More of a ripple.

Dodgy stats and talk-up-the-market hype mar two otherwise interesting articles on CMDB.

An Alternative to ITIL

I've never seen ITSMBOK™ but readers might like to check out this webinar to learn more about a 550 page book that seems to be an alternative set of guidance (and an alternative organisation ITSMI™ and certification CSMP™). Be quick it is Thursday May 17th.

How badly is ITIL damaged by vendor influence? What needs fixing?

This article has been podcast

The IT Skeptic does not doubt that some vendors have been up to some things that are not in the interests of ITIL. Does that reflect on the books themselves and how does it impact the ITIL community?

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