Antonio Valle Salas's Mystery of the 1.1.1 Deleted - was ITIL once "public domain"?

Now here's a thing. A reader has uncovered a most interesting deletion from the ITIL V2 Service Support book.

itSMF UK CEO discusses itSMF on the IT Skeptic's blog - come read and participate

Keith AldisThis is much too important to leave buried in the comments on this blog where only some readers venture: the CEO of itSMF UK, Keith Aldis, and a number of my readers are currently debating the purpose and governance of itSMF. Come read the discussion and contribute if you wish.

The itSMF does not exists to represent the interests of its members - they say so themselves

Look, let's get this clear once and for all: the itSMF does not exists to represent the interests of its members. Many people seem to be under that illusion. I have said this before: the itSMF is not an ITSM practitioners' society, despite the "forum" in its name. Its purpose is not to give the ITSM community a voice, or to represent or certify ITSM professionals (though I think it should be). Read the itSMFI website.
In the old days the itSMFI website actually had a page describing itSMF and ITSM. it said:

The little spot of bother at the itSMF USA

The little spot of bother at the itSMF USA is in the public domain now. The good news is that the Board acknowledge there might be an issue here and it bears looking into. The bad news is they chose ITIL's big party day to do so.

IT Skeptic Version 3 Refresh

Yes everything you have heard all over the web these past few months is true! The IT Skeptic is having a Version 3 Refresh today.

Sorry for any inconvenience

My apologies to anyone getting "phantom" email notifications of updates to the site.

everything the IT Skeptic can find out about ITIL Version 3 on one page

The IT Skeptic is now collecting everything I can find out about ITIL Version 3 on one reference page. It will apppear on the RSS feed whenever it is updated, or else if you register you can subscribe to notifications at the bottom of the reference page ("subscribe post").

For example, here is what we know about Certification:

ITSM skepticism becomes a crowded field

Oh my! another entrant in the ITSM skeptic stakes: Ian Clayton at ITSMI is now blogging. Given the other blog I mentioned today, it is getting to be a busy field.

A skeptical newcomer to the ITSM blogosphere

Here's a new ITSM-related blog that certainly seems to be taking a critical look at things.

The scale of ITIL Version 3: are people ready for it?

People are starting to realise how different ITIL Version 3 ("The Refresh") is from ITIL Version 2, and how much more extensive the scope and ideas are. It is all good, but are the public prepared for it?

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