Wonderful discussion of process improvement

Comments on this blog are generally interesting and meaty (we don't get too much of the "Me too" or "You suck" type), but the comments about process improvement over on this BOKKE are even better than usual. Get on over there and check it out, and please contribute if you can match the standard :-D

Tell us what you think about the new ITIL Version 3 books, and see what others thought

How to tell whether your IT vendor is a product vendor or a consultant

In the new world of ITIL Version 3, skills in business and IT consulting become preeminent and the technology even more secondary. People who buy technology solutions to process problems will even more likely get what they deserve (a failure), and vendors who are boxed-product peddlers disguised as sellers of IP will cause even more havoc. So how to tell the box-droppers from the consulting firms who include technology in solutions? Here's a simple check:

A superb piece of IT Skepticism

I just read a superb piece of IT Skepticism, 10 "New Rules" for IT by Steve Andriole. I am not worthy...

Is ITIL V3 Foundations designed to suit the needs of the students or the trainers?

[Updated] ITIL V3 Foundations is clearly designed to meet business requirements of those who will be selling it. Does it also meet the needs of those paying good money to attend? Let the debate begin.

ITIL on eBay: an IT Skeptic Special Report

Here was I worrying about whether I had enough ®s on my ITILs, while out there on eBay there are people perpetrating the most appalling copyright violations and abuses of trademark. Here are a couple of examples. To the two thousand or so of you who bought stuff from these guys: SHAME!

The Sheep from the Goats: ITIL vendors and Version 3

ITIL Version 3 makes a big ask of the ITSM industry. It will be fascinating to watch how it shakes out. The scope of ITIL is an order of magnitude wider now: how many individuals and organisations will have the knowledge and skills to step up to the new requirements?

Let us start with an interesting quote:

Technology does not fix process problems, but that's still what people want to see

A lovely example of the "Someone screwed up. What are you going to buy to fix it?" mentality that plagues this industry:

The IT Skeptic's first impressions of the ITIL Version 3 core books

It will take years to fully read and understand the five core ITIL Version 3 books, so this is very much a superficial first impression. But first impressions count, right? [In this dumbed down world cynics might argue they are everything]. It may come as a surprise to some readers that I am capable of such a thing, but I like these books.

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