The commercialisation of ITIL: a slow boiling of the frog

A recent comment said "Why is everyone banging on about the commercial aspects of this refresh?'s been commercial for years."

Indeed ITIL has been commercial for years. But it has beeen a slow boiling of the frog. The unseemly scrabbling around version 3 has made obvious a trend that has indeed been going on for longer.

ITIL Version 3 changes everything for ATOs and consulting firms.

We have spoken at length on this blog about the unseemly commercialisation of ITIL. Many firms feed at the trough right now, but the IT Skeptic predicts the trough is about to get higher and harder to reach.

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Paint it yellow! Living in a world of numbers. From "Triumph of the Airheads"

Today's quote comes to us from Triumph Of The Airheads, and The Retreat From Commonsense, a wonderful book by Shelley Gare, an Australian journalist.

Magic happens. BMC promise some magic ITIL.

People want to believe that "magic happens" [why is that bumper sticker so often on cars that look like not much magic happened to them?]. Vendors know this and exploit it by selling magic.

BMC's Ken Turbitt recently put out a paper "can you really get ITIL out of the box?"

Why the IT Skeptic site exists

Since the IT Skeptic is banging on about transparency, I thought a disclosure of this site's motivations might be in order. There is an agenda here which, whilst not hidden, has not been discussed.

I want to be an internet entrepreneur. In the past 18 months I have been on a tremendous learning curve to acquire all the social, business and technical knowledge and skills required to do this.

itSMF global members/sponsors: dropping your pants is not a good business model

This article has been podcast

One correction to my recent itSMF revenue guesstimates. There are currently six global members (read: sponsors) not eight [and now this article is corrected again: there are SIX not five. Will the global sponsors please stand still... no my error this time].

I had a woo woo moment when I saw this - I could have sworn there were eight there when I looked the other day. It could be that it was updated very recently or it could be we see what we expect to see.

Thank heavens for Google cache: I'm not going potty.

ITIL V3 Certification points system: the magic number 21.5

[This post is out-dated now: see here for the latest news on certification.]

Many readers will be aware that the new ITIL Version 3 certification scheme requires 22 points for a Diploma (the old masters'/managers' certification). So what a surprise that V2 Service Manager plus Bridge course end up with a score of 21.5.

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