The CMDB Federation releases its federation specification for public review

The CMDB Federation has released "version 0.95" draft specification of the standard for federation (read: interoperability) between CMDBs and similar operational software. This specification will make quite an impact on the IT operations software market once it is finished... but it isn't yet, not by a long way.

Visions of the Future of ITIL: Second Vision

The IT Swami gives us his mid-year Visions of the Future of ITIL. Yesterday we had the First Vision. This is his Second Vision:

Visions of the Future of ITIL: First Vision

On a freezing Southern midwinter solstice night last month, beside a driftwood bonfire on wild Pukerua Bay beach, New Zealand, the IT Swami gazed into the future to give us his “Southern New Year” predictions for the IT Infrastructure Library. I was shivering as I wrote so some of my notes are a little illegible but here is the first of his visions that I recorded:

Top 10 reasons NOT to implement CMDB

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OK I'll bite. One of the nice folk at Evergreen, Jill Landers, posted "Top 10 reasons to implement a CMDB". I'll do the right thing and not quote it in full here so you need to go read that first. Then you can enjoy my "Top 10 reasons NOT to implement CMDB"

ITIL Version 2.5: Will we see hybrids?

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ITIL Version 3 tells us how to run, whilst ITIL version 2 tells us how to walk. Many sites are only ready to learn to walk, so what then to do about the good ideas introduced in Version 3? Do we add a little 3 to the mix? or will that only cause confusion?

itSMF USA board election irregularities: the IT Skeptic unlocks the original posts

Now that itSMF USA has confirmed "clear evidence" of voting irregularities in the last Board elections, I think it is time to reveal the original postings on this blog by Dr Linden, and to make a few observations. Some readers may resent this issue taking blog space, but I feel it links in to two issues that are important to the IT Skeptic: governance of ITIL and hence ITIL's future, and the influence of vendors in an increasingly commercialised movement.

The future of the IT Skeptic's blog

Gentle readers, have your say. This blog exists for you (otherwise I would just mutter to myself).

What works on this blog and what doesn't?
What ticks you off?
Where should the blog pay more attention?
What changes would you like to see?
What do you think?

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I saw it on a computer so it must be true

This is the 21st Century. We shouldn't be falling for that old "I saw it on a computer so it must be true" stuff. A model will always be the model-builder's view of reality.

A nice skeptical ITIL cartoon

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