The itSMF voting saga: who is Julie Linden?

The Charlotte conference of itSMF USA this year was something of a non-event for me after Julie Linden's threats of a crowd of people revealing all regarding an election rort involving "100 votes" came to nothing.

When will ITIL wake up that Service Desk is about Requests not Incidents?

Call, contact, request, incident, issue, task, ticket, job - they are all the same thing really. The latest one I heard was the "case". They are all requests of one form or another. The incident is just a request that it be fixed. What is it about ITIL and its fixation with the Incident?

APMG look set for some spectacular acrobatics over ITIL accreditation

Further to the spot of bother APMG find themselves in with their "accreditation auditors" the UKAS, investigation reveals the suspension is a fact.

This blog is (currently) ITIL-centric, so most readers will be interested that I believe ITIL is not covered by the suspension.

The ITIL syllabus is rubbish because the world doesn't care about quality

The ITIL Version 3 Foundation syllabus is attacked as a joke: far too much content jammed into a timeframe compressed to meet marketing imperatives, jamming up to 25 in a room, covering topics of little relevance to the attendees and too lightly to be of any use anyway. Why? Because the world doesn't give a flying fox about Quality any more.

Important ITIL certification news: APMG's accreditation by UKAS has been suspended

Can any reader offer something more substantial than speculation to explain why The APM Group has had their accreditation by the UK Accreditation Service suspended?

APMG are the accreditor of all examination bodies for ITIL (and Prince2 and ...). They have had their accreditation suspended in both categories:

ITIL's value statement to the business

Recent correspondence suggests that ITIL3 struggles to articulate a useful value statement. Since anyone can play, the IT Skeptic has a crack at defining one.

Waiting for ITIL3 training may not have been the right decision

Nobody has called me out on the disconnect between my past strident criticism of the training industry for flogging ITIL2 training as ITIL3 loomed, and my advice now to go for ITIL2 training and not rush into ITIL3.

You folk aren't dumb (with one or two obvious exceptions who visit occasionally), so either you aren't paying attention or you are being kind or you get that there isn't really an inconsistency.

In case you don't get it, here's my rationalisation so I can appear in public:

itSMF has the mix right (for now): ITSM=ITIL

Several people commenting privately to the IT Skeptic are worried that ITIL has taken over itSMF. ITSM is ITIL: get over it. Of course, it won't always be thus.

the itSMF show is more fun than Harry Potter

It's true: the itSMF show is more fun than Harry Potter. Why is it that the International election results have been announced, when the original intent was to announce them at the itSMF International AGM on October 31st? Obviously ratification by the full Board at the AGM was seen to be unnecessary. Could it be that the result has been hurried out because a challenge to the election has been mounted by a Chapter not too far from the Skeptic?

Really, I do want to get on to something else. Just as soon as itSMF intrigue gets boring....

Results of itSMF International Board election

It's official: Sharon Taylor is Chair. So what next for Ken Wendle? Watch this space...

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