Don't swim against the tide: ten alternatives to itSMF for ITIL practitioners

Learn to live with the fact that itSMF serves the ITSM industry not the practitioner community. Consider whether you also need to be a member of an another organisation committed to representing your interests and developing your profession.

I have personally attended an ITIL Version 3 training course and I feel about the EXAM...

Very satisfied
50% (155 votes)
8% (25 votes)
No opinion
10% (32 votes)
14% (42 votes)
Very dissatisfied
18% (56 votes)
Total votes: 310

the dropping of ITIL Version 2 certification, training, and publications

If the criticism of ITIL version 3 certification that you see on this blog and others concerns you, consider this.

trial ITIL versus a placebo

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If there is an eccentric company owner out there who would like to contribute to business science by conducting a controlled experiment on your company, please contact me. I would like to trial ITIL versus a placebo.

Instead of using ITIL as the framework or guidance for process improvement in IT production, I would use a placebo body of knowledge. Examples might include:

  • astrology
  • today's process is brought to you by the letter "A"
  • Madonna's lyrics

How long can they beat the CMDB drum? What is the next fad?

drumCMDB can't be done - not with a reasonable investment of resources. But not to hear the vendors (of software and consulting) tell it.

How to read the ITIL version 3 Service Strategy book

My colleague Ross has suggested a technique for dealing with the density of the new ITIL version 3 Service Strategy book.

ITIL's biggest hole: where is the meta-lifecycle?

Writing a presentation today, I was reminded again of the biggest hole in the ITIL content, even ITIL3. ITIL3 now describes the lifecycle of a service, and does an excellent job of it. But where is the guidance on how to implement the ITIL process machinery to manage that service through its lifecycle? Where is the lifecycle of the lifecycle, as it were - the meta-lifecycle?

How not to comment-spam a website

[updated to protect the guilty] We have had a wonderful example of how not to comment spam a website, by an otherwise reputable company.

Occam's Razor applied to itSMF USA election saga

Readers who are familiar with Occam's Razor may like to apply the principle to itSMF's recent theory as to the source of the USA Board election fraud.

latest on ITIL Version 3 Certification from APMG

Posted on itSMF website - link to report from APMG - key points extracted below

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