Internet discourse is becoming unreal: I can't tell a Poe from an idiot any more

A fascinating phenomenon on the internet is the sophisticated illusions being spun to satirise opposing positions.

Who is the IT Skeptic?

Barclay Rae is such a deft and sensitive interviewer: our industry's Michael Parkinson.
I rediscovered this video today, where he interviewed me for ITSMTV a couple of years ago:

Is a reboot a change?

© Copyright CanstockPhoto.comToday I got asked that old perennial: Is a reboot a change?

This is an endless source of debate and will never be resolved. The answer is whatever your organisation decides it is.

Personally I think it is a change. i don't understand why this is debated. But is is.

No such thing as Root Cause

I've never really been comfortable with the concept of Root Cause. It's time to be explicit: there is no such thing.

Social media discourse degenerates

Some time ago, I talked about how all social channels seem to to generate overtime as the core enthusiasts who gave them their and national life lose their energy and move on to other projects, and the channel is taken over by the great unwashed masses. More and more people move into the channel who don't have the expertise nor the commitment to the ideals to maintain the quality of the channel; nor frankly the intelligence in a lot of cases to be able to contribute constructively.

Somebody - and I hasten to add not me - coined the term England's Law for this principle: "all social channels degenerate". So I want to slightly elaborate that initial statement into are more specific England's Law v2: the discourse in all social media communities degenerates into spam and derp.

ITSM emphasis on aligning underpinning contracts with SLAs

Here's another sacred cow of ITSM that I'd like to turn into sausage: "the underpinning contract service level targets (SLTs) must align with our SLA's SLTs".

An interesting tale of ITIL trademarks

Here is an interesting story of the use of the ITIL name....

Read this link first.

I take these lessons from this:

1) Lawyers are incapable of subtlety or nuance, or even thinking much.

2) Build an open content website and they won't come.

ISACA Bylaws change 2015

Rumblings of dissent over ISACA internal governance? Say it ain't so.

The IT Liberation Movement - an IT Renaissance

[Update: At the DOES15 conference, I think George Spafford finally nailed the name of this for me: an IT Renaissance ]

Things ITSM consultants hear

We started to put together a list of the silly things ITSM consultants hear. You might like to add to it...

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