How hard can it be?

An analogy for our IT reality:

What's so hard about building a road?
Here's a fun Twitter conversation:

Eating the elephant

Some analogies are even more useful if you unpack them a bit more. For example, here is my take on eating the elephant:

Sure you can eat an elephant one bite at a time but sooner or later you are still left with a huge carcass you need to heave into a skip [dumpster].

Great DevOps articles

Nobody reads books any more. They come thick and fast, and few of us have the time or the attention span.

So forget my post on great DevOps books to read and enjoy this one on seminal DevOps articles and posts. Never mind the meat and vegetables, have some snacks.

Describe DevOps with CALMS, or I prefer CAFFS

A common acronym used to describe DevOps is CALMS: Culture, Automation, Lean thinking, Measurement, Sharing. Or I prefer CAFFS...

Two kinds of DevOps: horses don't grow horns

© Copyright canstockphoto.comThe DevOps principles apply to horses and unicorns, but we act on them in different ways, even for different goals.

Tech is the easy bit. People are hard.

You think getting technology to work is hard? You know what's REALLY hard? Getting people to change.

Tech is a closed problem. You know the solution exists, you just have to find it.
Technology has a defined working state: you can look it up, it is unanambiguous. There are clearly defined and readily learnt ways to fix it and you can prove when you have achieved it.

The cult of DevOps

Several times recently I got the message (overtly or subliminally) that if you don't work with software and tools you can't understand DevOps, that if you haven't immersed yourself in the sacred waters of cutting code then you are somehow unenlightened.

Victims of the system

Most people who seem to be blocking progress are in fact well intentioned and trying to do the right thing but they are victims of the system in which they work.

Great DevOps books to read

As if anyone reads books any more. I'm drowning in great books to read while the Internet gives me endless distractions. My attention span is shot to hell, and my memory has been replaced by Google.

But sometimes I find a few minutes and here are some of my favourites for understanding this beast called DevOps. [Updated 9/5/2018]

Reflections on the DevOps Enterprise Summit UK 2016

I just got back to the last rock on the planet, all the way from London and the DevOps Enterprise Summit UK. It was worth all the travel. IT Revolution run a great event.

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