5 easy steps to implement ITIL V3

Once you get past all the theory, implementing ITIL V3 is actually very simple. Just follow these 5 steps

Shame on you for even reading this far! Bet you believe in the tooth fairy too.

But there must be plenty who believe in magic. If you still want to believe in magic there are lots of folk who will sell it to you: "ITIL out of the box", "an ITIL process-compliant tool"...


ITIL V3 in 4 Easy Steps

I think I can do this...

1) Decide what you're trying to achieve (as in making the business better/more profitable - not just 'Implement ITIL')
2) Plan to do it, including resources, budget, reporting, success factors and of course reading the ITIL books to see which bits you actually need
3) Stick to your plan
4) Report on success and have a big party

And if you must have a step 5 - present at itSMF conference


PS Most worrying quote from the Service Design Book?

The question often asked is ‘Which process shall I implement first?’ The real answer is all of them, as the true value of implementing all of the Service Management processes is far greater than the sum of the individual processes.

So much for adapt and adopt!

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